How To Tell If Watermelon Is Bad? 7 Simple Ways To Find Out!

Summer is in full swing, and people are out and about buying watermelons. How do you know if the fruit you bought is fresh or spoilt? There are several ways to tell whether it's still good or not! This blog post will give you 7 easy ways on how to tell if watermelon is bad. Now let's find out how fresh your watermelon really is!

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how to tell if watermelon is bad-how to tell if a watermelon is good-rotten watermelon

How To Tell If Watermelon Is Bad?

​Here are 7 easy steps on "How to tell if watermelon is bad"

Step 1 - Look For Any Signs Of Mold Or Rot.

The first step in how to tell if watermelon is bad is to look for any molds or rotting on the surface. 

If you see black spots or molds on the skin, it's probably spoilt and should be thrown out.

Red-brown patches indicate that some parts have been eaten by bugs, which is also a sign that your watermelon has gone bad!

Step 2. Check If There Are Any Leaks.

If there are, it's spoiled!

Step 3. Smell Your Watermelon!

There are many ways on how to tell if the watermelon is bad, and one of the best ways is by smelling it! If it smells like a strong smell of ammonia or sour milk, then you know that your watermelon has gone bad and should not be eaten.

how to tell if watermelon is bad-how to tell if a watermelon is good-rotten watermelon

Step 4. Check The Color Of The Watermelon

Another step in how to tell if a watermelon is bad is to look at the color pattern. 

​The color of the watermelon helps to identify if it has gone bad. Watermelon generally has a strip of alternating pattern between dark and lighter green. Check the color- if it is pale, it has gone bad.

The flesh should be very bright green if it is still good, but if the color is dull or has started to turn brown, it's probably gone bad. Dark brown patches also indicate that your fruit has gone bad, so better avoid it at all costs!

how to tell if watermelon is bad-how to tell if a watermelon is good-rotten watermelon

Step 5. Tap On The Surface

Tap on the surface of your watermelon and listen closely to check for a hollow sound. If you hear a deep sound, then the watermelon is fresh. If it's not as "deep" or hollow sounding, then your fruit has started to go bad!

how to tell if watermelon is bad-how to tell if a watermelon is good-rotten watermelon

Step 6. Feel For Soft Spots On The Outside Of The Watermelon -

If there are soft spots on the watermelon, this indicates that it's bad and should be thrown out.

Step 7. Squeeze The Watermelon To Check For A Hard Or Soft Texture.

A ripe fruit will have a softer feel than an unripe one. A ripe watermelon will also be heavier than an unripe one.

The texture of watermelons will also change from soft to hard when they start spoiling.

I hope this blog helped you learn "How to tell if watermelon is bad". 

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Can Watermelon Go Bad And Make You Sick? When Should You Not Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon should not be consumed if it tastes sour. Bad watermelon can make you sick if consumed in high amounts. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may be the consequences.

How Long Does Watermelon Last? How Long Does It Take For Watermelon To Go Bad?

It is best to eat watermelon within 1-2 days after buying it. But generally, watermelon can last for about 5-6 days at room temperature after purchase if it is fresh at that time.

Is Overripe Watermelon Safe To Eat?

Overripe watermelon doesn't cause any harmful effect on our health. But it won't be as tasty as before.

Does Watermelon Go Bad In The Fridge?

The whole watermelon can last in the fridge for about 2 weeks. And if it is cut piece then consume within 2-3 days.

Can frozen or canned watermelons go bad and make people sick?

Yes, frozen or canned watermelons can go bad if the temperature of the fridge fluctuates. Usually, cut piece of watermelon can be frozen for about a week. Bad watermelon taste sour and fizzy, don't eat them.

What's the white part of watermelon called?

The white part of watermelon is called rind.

What happens when you soak a watermelon inside water?

It is a good thing to soak a watermelon inside water which may help to remove insecticide and pesticide sprayed at the surface of the watermelon.

Is it dangerous to eat watermelon mixed with sugar?

No, it is not dangerous to eat watermelon mixed with sugar for normal people. But it is better to have only watermelon since it is sweet in its ripe and fresh stage. If it is tasteless (when unripened) you can add sugar in the necessary amount to maintain its taste.

Can Kittens Eat Watermelon?

Generally, we know that fruits aren't part of a cat's diet. It would be best if you never replaced its main meal with any fruits. Fruits like watermelons can be given in small pieces in a minimum amount. Strictly, use seedless watermelon for them to prevent choking.

What Can You Do With Spoiled Watermelon?

Spoiled watermelon can be used as fertilizer. Watermelon rinds are made of nutrient-rich green matter that can be chopped up and added to your compost bin or heap.

How To Tell If Watermelon Is Ripe Before Opening It?

You will notice these things if a watermelon is ripe: Watermelon will be heavy according to its size and a yellow spot will be seen in the ripe watermelon.

Can You Eat An Unripe Watermelon?

It isn't harmful to eat unripe watermelon. But it is best to buy and eat fresh and ripen watermelon.

How To Tell If A Watermelon Is Rotten? How Does A Rotten Watermelon Smell?

If a watermelon is rotten, it will have soggy patches on its cover. It may be hallow and may not be as weighty as it used to be.

Can We Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Yes, we can eat watermelon seeds, but it is advisable not to! It is not true that if we eat seeds, they will grow in our stomachs. Our acidic nature of stomach won't let it happen.

What's The Difference Between A Red Watermelon And A Yellow Watermelon?

The red color in watermelon is due to a compound called lycopene which is also found in tomatoes. In comparison, yellow watermelon lacks lycopene compound.

What Are The Signs Of A Nitrate Watermelon?

Signs of nitrate watermelon are:
- Yellow rind instead of white indicates a high concentration of nitrates in watermelon.
- Any pores at the surface of watermelon.
- If watermelon contains a high amount of nitrates, we can see it by keeping a cut piece of it into water. If the color of water changes to pinkish-red other than regular watercolor after some time, it indicates the high concentration of nitrate and should not be consumed.

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