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Finding the perfect position for your patio can help you to enjoy it more. You can place a patio anywhere in a backyard. In fact, some people pave their entire outdoor area. Below are just some of the most popular ideas for patio locations.

Connect it to the house

Having a patio that you can walk straight out onto can be beneficial. It can feel more like an extension of your home, plus it means that outdoor meals and parties can be hosted closer to the kitchen. Some homes have stone tiles indoors that continue outside to form a patio, creating a seamless link between the indoors and outdoors. These could be separated by a glass sliding door that allows you to still create a divide during cold or rainy weather, while also allowing you to fully open up access in the summer heat.

Make the most of suntraps

If you enjoy sunbathing or want to make the most of the sun’s warmth in the evenings, you may want to consider placing your patio in the area of your backyard that gets the sun the longest. This could be close to your house or at the very end of your backyard. Tables or sun loungers can then be placed in this area. If your backyard is very shady and you want to add more sunlight, consider whether there are ways of removing obstructions. Trees may be possible to remove or cut back using a service like Sal’s Tree Service. Switching fixed awnings for retractable awnings can meanwhile give you the choice between sun or shade. 

Find the flattest area

Building a patio on a slope isn’t recommended - the area will have to be leveled, which will add to the installation cost. A patio on an already flat area is easier and more affordable. If your whole backyard is sloped, you may have no choice but to build a patio on a slope. It’s worth noting that raised wooden decks can be a practical solution to building on a slope.

enhance your garden space

Convert an abandoned pool

Got a swimming pool that you never use? This could make the perfect sunken patio. With the help of a landscaping company, you can resurface the pool with paving and install steps leading down. Such an area could be more sheltered from any wind, making it a great place for adding seating or a barbecue. This post at Trulia lists more ideas to make use of an abandoned pool.

Take in the best views

Is there an area of your backyard that gives you great views of local surroundings? This could be a prime place for a patio, allowing you to relax and enjoy the vista. Raised patios can be an option for really taking advantage of views, however a raised deck is likely to be much more affordable. Consider that you may be able to lower fences or remove trees to also maximize views. Just understand that this could negatively impact shade and privacy, and may require a permit. 

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Looking for easy-to-maintain, low-budget front-yard landscaping ideas?

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