12 Feng Shui Tips for a Blissful Home!

Feng shui can be used as a design tool to rearrange furniture for an updated look without any renovations! Feng shui may seem like an intangible concept at first, but it's one of the most accessible ways to bring yourself more peace and serenity throughout your day-to-day life. Feng shui can be used to create balance in your environment, help you make smarter decisions, and improve your overall mental health. Let's find out how!

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​​Feng Shui Meaning: What is Feng Shui? 

​You may be wondering what feng shui is?

Feng shui is the Chinese art of arranging objects within a home or workplace to maximize positive energy flow. It is about the aesthetic or visual appeal and how you live by observing your surroundings.

Proper feng shui practices help you bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity into your life and environment. Feng shui is designed for simplicity and effectiveness rather than just giving the home a fresh look. You can follow feng shui rules just anywhere in your house and have an ideal feng shui home including :-

  • feng shui garden
  • feng shui kitchen
  • feng shui living room

We've compiled a list of some of the ways to practice feng shui in your home. Here are Top 6 Feng Shui tips for an amazing home:

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1. Keep Bed, Desk, And Stove In The Commanding Positions

The commanding position is one of the essential themes in feng shui. This has to do with how you may position yourself in life. Be careful to apply this concept to your bed, i.e., sleeping area, desk i.e., working space, and stove, i.e., kitchen area.

The bed is where you spend more time, the desk represents your professional life, and the stove symbolizes your finances. When you are in these spaces, be sure to see the door without being directly in line with it. For example, when you are lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking at the stove, it is better when you can be able to see the door rather than your back towards the door.

You are in command of your life when you are in a dominant position. When you can keep your home's furnishings in commanding locations, you have a better opportunity of accepting good energy and taking advantage of the greatest possibilities.

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2. Keep Your Surroundings Tidy

Clutter means distractions in your living space. These distractions can clutter up your mind and prevent you from focusing on the task at hand.

Clutter, in feng shui, is considered to take up precious space that new incoming energy requires. We recommend cleaning your workspace daily as a habit. Not only will it make you feel less stressed, but it'll also offer you a sense of organization during such hectic times. You'll also get a fresh start each day, which should help you be more productive. There are several feng shui decorating organizers available online or in-store.

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3. Use Vertical Space In Rooms

When you add vertical elements to your home, it feels like more space and height in the room. When arranging your furniture, you should take full advantage of the vertical space. This creates a greater sense of well-being, especially in smaller rooms or homes. You may accomplish this in several ways. If you have the space, consider adding tall bookcases or tall lamps.

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4. Remove Obstacles From The Entryway

In feng shui, your front door is considered the entry point for energy into your house and life. Therefore, you must keep your front entrance clear and visible. Ensure nothing is blocking the door from opening and closing, i.e., shoes, coats, walking toys for children, etc. When there are obstacles in the way, it can hinder energy from coming into your home. You can use different sorts of feng shui organizers for storing and organizing your clothes, shoes, baby toys etc.

5. Place Some Beautiful Houseplants

House plants, in feng shui, are representative of life energy. What exactly does this imply? Living greenery in our homes brings vitality and liveliness.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is choosing plants that you can look after and are appropriate for your space. While choosing houseplants, consider the light condition of your space. 

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Some of the best feng shui plants for the home are:

Read more about "How to care and propagate snake plants at home?"

6. Remove Electronics Gadgets Out Of The Bedroom (Feng Shui Bedroom!)

Electronics, such as televisions, computers, phones, and other similar devices in the bedroom might distract you and signify wakefulness while taking up energy. If you have no choice, hide these items to the best of your ability. Keep electronic equipment out of your bedroom as much as possible. Select feng shui bedroom style options that will suit your personality and allow you to get a good night's rest. There are also several feng shui bedroom picture ideas available online. 

7. Change The Position Of Mirrors

Mirrors are thought to emit energy throughout the space, causing restlessness and amplifying anxieties. If you're not sleeping well, the mirror facing your bed in your bedroom may be the problem. So, it is advisable not to hang a mirror on the wall facing your bed, according to feng shui.

Also, it is advisable to use round or oval mirrors instead of the ones with corners.

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8. Add Some Beautiful Portraits (Bedroom Picture!)

The ideal location to display a beautiful portrait is on the wall across from your bed so that you see it as soon as you wake up and before you turn out the lights to go to sleep. It's important that these bedroom picture are inspiring, uplifting, or soothing for your bedroom walls.

9. Create A Calm Atmosphere In Your Bedroom (Feng Shui Bedroom Layout!)

The bed in the bedroom is considered to be the most important piece of furnishing. There is no such fixed feng shui bedroom layout, and it's just that you must have the bed in a balanced manner. You may need to move it slightly off-center, depending on the size of your room. The headboard should rest against or close to a wall. Arranging Feng Shui in your bedroom should focus on how comfortable it is to sleep.

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10. Declutter Your Closets

Closets are another place in your home where clutter can build up. After all, people tend to keep clothes that they don't wear anymore if they cannot find a trip to the donation box or thrift store. You'd be surprised by how much clutter you can accumulate in closets.

Decluttering is essential for good feng shui energy flow. Be prepared to donate useless items that take up space and keep only the clothing you wear regularly. This way, your closet will make you feel lighter and better about yourself when you open it. There are several hanging cloth organizer available for this purpose.

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11. Clean Up Windows (Feng Shui Windows!)

Windows offer a beautiful source of natural lighting and energy to your home, especially if you have plants gazing in from outside. However, this may not be practical for every household, so either keep plants near your windows or install blinds or curtains that can let light in without compromising privacy. For best results, clean windows regularly to let in as much natural light as you can. Keep window coverings deliberate and open them when the weather is pleasant outside. 

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12. Take Note of Color Selection

The five elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire are represented by color in feng shui. The five elements are found in nature and are used to balance energy. So, if you want a little more of an element's energy, paint it in or add accessories or even clothing to your area.

For example, if your space requires more water energy, blue curtains and accessories will bring that element into your house and help create abundance and prosperity. You can also add water with aquariums or fountains.

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If you want to make your home a pleasant and inviting place, it's important to pay attention to the colors you use inside. According to feng shui, we should try to use colors that evoke positive and sunny feelings.

Feng Shui Rules House: What Are The Basic Feng Shui Rules For A House?

Feng Shui rules house can be divided into two main types: indoor and outdoor feng shui rules.

The indoor feng shui rules are mainly about the arrangement of furniture and other objects in your home, while the outdoor feng shui rules have to do with the surrounding environment of your house and how it affects the energy flow.

Both types of feng shui rules are important, but most people focus on the indoor feng shui rules because they are easier to implement.

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Dont's Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui might sound difficult, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few dont's of feng shui.

  • Block doors.
  • Leave out broken objects.
  • Overstuff your closets.
  • Neglect any objects or areas.
  • Let your windows get too dirty.
  • Hang your artwork too low.
  • Store things under your bed.

Feng Shui is a system of philosophy and design, but it's much more than that. I hope this article gave you ideas about how feng shui may be utilized to bring calm to your life, making minor adjustments at home or at work - something that everyone can benefit from!

In conclusion, feng shui offers a way to think about your living space from a different angle. It's an opportunity to bring balance and harmony into your house by making small adjustments that can have a really big impact. This guide may be easy to follow and incorporate into your life.


How can I improve my house feng shui?

You can improve feng shui in your house in the following ways:
Make the clear entrance of house and room
Manage the rooms in a comfortable way
Use some eye comfort color for interior designs
Bring some beautiful houseplant for your living area

Which direction should a house face for good feng shui?

The south-facing house is the most favorable in feng shui, which is ideal for light, and family harmony.

How should my bedroom study be arranged according to feng shui?

The feng shui rules of arranging a bedroom include:
The study in the bedroom should be placed in a way that is not too focused on your bed. A good position for the study is against the wall opposite where you sleep, so it can serve as a reference when creating an atmosphere in your home.
The study should not face directly toward the door. It should be a bit concealed from the door for a more comfortable feeling while studying.

What colors are best for feng shui?

Under Feng Shui rules, certain color combinations will create a good impression when they are used to decorate the rooms. These include white, earth, yellow, and brown. These colors give a sense of openness and warmth to the room as well as being ease on the eyes. In addition, these colors can be used as a backdrop for furniture that is meant to calm the mind, such as beds and sofas. This will provide a positive impression on the house.

How do I get good energy at home?

Feng shui rules for interior design include items that bring in good energy and avoid bad energy. One of the most important things to consider is the color scheme within a room, which should be used appropriately to match the function of each area of your house. For example, bedrooms, whose main purpose is rest and relaxation, should use calming colors such as blue and green. On the contrary, red, orange, and purple should be avoided in bedrooms since they bring up excitement and invigorate them instead of calming them down.

What are some ideal feng shui home decorating or feng shui interior designs?

The ideal Feng shui home decorating or feng shui interior design will focus on the alignment of colors, furniture placement, accessories arrangement, and overall visual appeal against a backdrop of good energy. For example, putting mirrors opposite areas of action such as the front door is considered unappealing to chi flow. To avoid this problem, put them on each side of the door. Another example is choosing the right colors for your interior designs, which should reflect the purpose of the area or room in the house. For example, warm colors such as earth, yellow, and brown are best used in dining rooms, while white is ideal for bedrooms.

What are some feng shui bedroom layout ideas?

The bedroom is a very important room in the house because it's where people relax and recharge after a long day of work. Feng shui rules for bedrooms should include aspects such as maximizing available space, choosing comfortable bedding, placing storage near the bed to avoid clutter, and adjusting lighting to add more brightness. In addition to these factors, feng shui bedroom layouts should also emphasize the purpose of the room. There are bedrooms for work, play, and study. All these different functions require different types of furniture and decorations around the room to make it feel like a suitable place for each activity. Thus, choosing feng shui bedroom layouts that meet your requirements will create an atmosphere that's ideal for you and your family.

What is bad feng shui for a house?

Bad feng shui for a house may be formed by neglecting Feng Shui rules in your home. Each area of the house should be given special attention to make it comfortable, positive, and pleasant for occupants. Focusing too much on one room or living space will result in uneven distribution of energy throughout the house, which can cause discomfort for the occupants. Lack of Feng Shui rules in a house can be identified by being aware of its negative effects, such as restlessness or feeling uncomfortable when in certain rooms.

What is the value of Feng Shui?

The value of Feng Shui is in regulating the flow of energy in a given space. A home should be designed to promote good Chi, which they basically defined as positive energy. When they are flowing freely within the house, they will make the people living in the house feel better. Feng Shui rules should be followed to create a peaceful, relaxing, and happy atmosphere within the house.

Why is Feng shui important?

Feng Shui will keep your house in harmony with nature. When we take care of our surrounding environment, it also takes care of us. By paying attention and following the Feng Shui rules for interior design, we can create a healthy environment that offers positive energy. This will lead to better health and happier lives.

Are there any feng shui tips for steady career growth?

Yes, there are many feng shui tips for steady career growth. One of the most important tips is to have your office in the correct location within your house. The best locations for an office are those with good energy and plenty of natural light. You should also avoid having your desk facing the door, as this can bring a lot of distractions and interruptions. Additionally, it would be best if you kept your office organized and clutter-free to promote productivity. Having plants in your office is also known to help boost energy and motivation and thus career growth.

What element does glass represent in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, glass is associated with the water element. Mirrors have a special significance in Feng Shui traditions because of their reflecting qualities, which may be used to boost the energy in a room when kept in the right place.

Is there any science behind vastu or feng shui? Is it significant enough to determine success of any person?

Both Feng Shui and Vastu have their roots in science. Ancient civilizations created these practices by observing the world around them and noticing patterns, mostly related to energy flow. Their theories were just simplified for regular people, but they still hold a lot of water, scientifically speaking. Whether you believe it or not, feng shui is important for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, which will have a direct impact on your life.

What is the best feng shui for home?

The best Feng Shui rule that can be applied to any house is creating balance with the environment. The entire premise of feng shui is about introducing positive energy in our surroundings to make people healthier, more successful, and generally happier. By applying the Five Elements Theory of feng shui to your house, you will create a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for living.

What are the pros and cons of The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a powerful concept. However, being aware of its pros and cons will help you understand it better. The good thing about this theory is that it can be used to attract positive people and situations into your life. Yet, on the other hand, there are some cases when unexpected things happen which make us doubt whether those events came to you by coincidence or were influenced by your positive thoughts.

The ability to attract positivity in your life is a very good thing, but it also has its downsides. For example, this theory can be used for manipulating people into doing what they don't want to do. Negative thoughts and bad intentions of other people seem to have a more powerful effect when they are combined with The Law of Attraction.

What are the latest trends in bathroom vanities that obey feng shui?

The latest trends in bathroom vanities that obey feng shui are:

Bring any houseplant suitable for the bathroom
Use of wooden elements and wooden vanity for organizing stuffs
Addition of natural light by using glass surfaces
Use of neutral colors
Installation of water features
Placement of toilet in the corner (rather than in the center of the room)
Use of round or oval mirrors
The use of organic materials such as bamboo, jade, and marble.

How do patterns and prints in home decor affect space perception in a room?

Patterns and prints can impact the way a room feels. For example, stripes tend to widen a room while florals give it a more enclosed feel. By applying Feng Shui rules for interior design, you can create an environment that is inviting and peaceful at the same time.

How does color affect Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, colors have a special significance. Different shades create different atmospheres and depending on the color you choose for your interior design project, and you can either create a quiet, cozy environment or an inviting, lively one. Your choice of colors is very important if you want to achieve good Feng Shui in your home or office space.

What are the best colors for the interior hall room according to feng shui?

Interior hallways are places where energy flows, but there is little room for anything else. According to Feng Shui rules, hallways should be painted in light colors, ideally off-white or natural tones without strong contrasts. Dark paint will make your hallway look smaller and generate feelings of pressure and stress.

By adding colored elements, you can balance out the negative effects of these colors and create an inviting hall that is not too compact or crowded. The traditional feng shui rule is to keep your entrance room bare and let it express the owner's personality.

What is the difference between feng shui and Vastu dosh according to Vedic astrology?

Feng Shui and Vastu Dosh both deal with the flow of energy in a given space. However, Feng Shui is more suitable for interior design, while Vastu Dosh can be used to evaluate an entire building, not just the layout of the rooms.

Vastu Dosh deals with the subtle energy flow of both living and non-living things, including plants, animals, people, and architecture. Feng Shui has a more practical approach to interior design. Yet, there are some overlapping elements between these two disciplines that have led many people to use them in combination.

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