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secure garden with fences

If you're looking to create a beautiful and secure garden oasis, these three raised garden beds with fences are perfect for the job.

First up, we have the Deer Fence Netting, which is great for all kinds of garden needs. It's versatile, easy to set up, and provides excellent protection for your plants against pesky critters.

Next, consider the Wooden Garden Frame. This sturdy option offers reliable plant protection and adds a touch of natural charm to your garden. It's durable, long-lasting, and a great choice for those looking for a classic design with modern functionality.

Last but not least, the Jumbl Large Raised Cedar Garden Bed is a fantastic option for those who value easy assembly and plant safety. Made from high-quality cedar, this bed is not only simple to put together but also ensures your plants are well-protected and thriving.

When choosing a raised garden bed with a fence, think about the size you need, the durability of the materials, how easy it is to assemble, and the level of animal protection it offers.

These beds not only support a variety of plants and provide defense against pests but also help you stay organized and enhance the overall look of your garden. Plus, they allow you to create different gardening environments and make it easy to access your plants whenever you need to.

With these top picks, you'll be well on your way to creating your dream garden in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Durable polypropylene deer fence netting for versatile garden protection.
  • Sturdy wooden garden frame with critter guard fence sections for plant safety.
  • Large cedar raised garden bed for elevated planting convenience.
  • Cedar material for weather resistance and visual appeal.
  • User-friendly design with gates for easy access and functionality.

Deer Fence Netting, 7 x 100 Feet Anti Bird Deer Protection Net

For gardeners seeking a reliable and versatile solution to safeguard their plants from deer, birds, and other pests, the Deer Fence Netting, measuring 7 x 100 feet, is an ideal choice due to its durable polypropylene material and easy installation features.

This high-quality netting, with a 3/4 inch mesh size, is both lightweight and heavy-duty, making it reusable and resistant to tearing, rust, or rot. The netting's versatility extends beyond deer protection; it can also be used as bird netting, chicken netting, rabbit fence, or even pond and pool netting.

With included installation nails and cable ties, it's easy to install, providing a safe and economical solution to protect plants without harming wildlife. This netting is highly recommended for safeguarding tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, figs, cherries, and more, making it a valuable addition to any garden.

Best For: Gardeners and homeowners looking for a durable and versatile solution to protect their plants from deer and other pests.


  • Easy to install with included nails and cable ties
  • Versatile usage for various garden needs
  • Safe and economical protection for plants without harming wildlife


  • Mesh can be hard to see from a distance


Wooden Garden Frame for Outdoor Gardening

Ideal for outdoor gardeners looking to protect their plants from critters, the Wooden Garden Frame by Patiomore offers a sturdy and decorative solution for growing a variety of crops. This versatile design features 4 sections of Critter Guard Fence, suitable for plants of varying heights.

The frame is constructed from 100% natural wood, ensuring durability and a long-lasting structure. Measuring 45 inches long by 23.5 inches tall with 1-inch by 2-inch mesh openings, the frame provides ample space for your plants to thrive.

Easy assembly is guaranteed with the included hardware and manual, making it convenient for gardeners of all skill levels. Whether placed on patios, porches, decks, or gardens, this Wooden Garden Frame is both functional and visually appealing, making it a practical choice for any outdoor gardening enthusiast.

Best For: Gardeners seeking a decorative and functional solution for protecting plants from critters.


  • Versatile design with 4 sections of Critter Guard Fence for plants of varying heights.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting frame made of 100% natural wood.
  • Eliminates bending over while gardening, suitable for those with mobility issues.


  • Assembly required, may take some time and effort.


Jumbl Large Raised Cedar Garden Bed (72x39x33.5”)

With its elevated design made of high-grade red cedar, the Jumbl Large Raised Cedar Garden Bed (72x39x33.5”) is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for gardeners seeking to grow herbs, flowers, and other vegetation above ground.

This raised garden bed is constructed from 100% red cedar, ensuring durability and resistance to weather-related damage. The comfortable raised design not only provides a beautiful way to grow your favorite plants but also offers a healthy option for gardeners with physical limitations.

The Jumbl Large Raised Cedar Garden Bed is easy to assemble with no tools required, making it a convenient choice for those with limited space. Its size is ideal for patios, balconies, and other small outdoor areas, offering a smart solution for protecting plants from animals like rabbits and deer.

Best For: Those looking to grow a variety of herbs, flowers, and other plants in a small outdoor space without the worry of animals damaging their garden.


  • Made of high-grade red cedar for durability and resistance to weather-related damage
  • Comfortable raised design suitable for gardeners with physical limitations
  • Easy assembly with no tools required, ideal for those with limited space


  • Some customers experienced issues with missing or misaligned screws during assembly


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Raised Garden Bed With Fence

When selecting a raised garden bed with a fence, you should consider the size, material durability, and assembly simplicity.

It's important to think about how the fence will protect your plants from animals and how the design can optimize your garden space efficiently.

Taking these factors into account will help you choose the best raised garden bed with a fence for your gardening needs.

Size Considerations

Considering the space available for planting and the variety of crops you wish to grow, the size of your raised garden bed with a fence plays a crucial role in meeting your gardening needs.

When choosing the dimensions of your garden bed, make sure it fits well in your designated gardening area. A larger bed offers more planting space, allowing for a greater variety of plants. On the other hand, smaller beds are perfect for limited spaces like patios or balconies.

Make certain that the size of the raised garden bed suits your gardening requirements while also fitting within the available space. This way, you can optimize your gardening experience and cultivate a thriving garden oasis.

Material Durability

For ideal longevity and resistance to weather-related damage, consider cedar wood as a top choice for constructing your raised garden bed with a fence.

Cedar wood is highly durable and resistant to warping, shrinking, or swelling in high humidity, making it perfect for outdoor use in different climates.

The natural oils in cedar act as a preservative, enhancing its longevity and requiring minimal maintenance.

Cedar wood is also known for repelling insects, protecting your garden bed and its contents from pests and decay.

With proper care, cedar wood garden beds can last for many years, providing a sturdy and reliable structure for your gardening needs.

Choose cedar for a durable and long-lasting raised garden bed with a fence.

Assembly Simplicity

To simplify the assembly process of your raised garden bed with a fence, look for models that feature straightforward instructions and minimal tools required. Many raised garden beds with fences come with easy-to-follow assembly guidelines, making setup a breeze.

Some models even require no tools at all or minimal additional tools, ensuring a hassle-free construction experience. Look for options with pre-drilled holes and included hardware to further streamline the assembly process.

While some adjustments like drilling additional screws may be necessary for a secure fit, clear and concise instructions can help you quickly put together your raised garden bed with a fence. Prioritizing simplicity in assembly can save you time and effort, getting your garden oasis ready in no time.

Protection From Animals

Simplify the process of protecting your garden from animals by selecting a raised garden bed with a fence that suits your specific needs for security and durability.

Raised garden beds with fences act as barriers against animals like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other critters that can harm your plants. When choosing a fence, consider the height and material based on the animals you're guarding against.

Make sure the spacing between slats or mesh is adequate to keep out smaller creatures. A sturdy fence will deter larger animals, safeguarding your garden.

Space Optimization

When selecting a raised garden bed with a fence for space optimization, consider the layout and dimensions of your garden area to guarantee efficient utilization.

Raised garden beds with fences help maximize space by allowing for vertical gardening, making the most of limited areas. The presence of a fence not only contains plants within a defined area but also acts as a barrier against pests, animals, and pets, protecting your plants and crops.

Additionally, the fence provides support for climbing plants or vines, promoting healthy growth and efficient space utilization. By incorporating a fence into your raised garden bed design, you can easily organize and separate different types of plants or crops within the same space, ensuring a well-utilized and aesthetically pleasing garden oasis.

Versatile Plant Options

Considering the functionality of raised garden beds with fences, the versatility they offer in plant selection becomes a key factor to evaluate for your gardening needs.

With raised garden beds with fences, you can grow a variety of plants like herbs, flowers, vegetables, and even small bushes or shrubs. The fence provides added protection, keeping out animals like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other pests that may harm your plants. This controlled environment is beneficial, especially in areas with unpredictable wildlife or weather conditions.

Additionally, the fence can double as a trellis for climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, or beans, allowing you to maximize space and productivity in your garden.

Opting for a raised garden bed with a built-in fence not only creates a visually appealing garden oasis but also safeguards your plants from external threats.

Quality of Materials

Selecting a raised garden bed with a fence involves evaluating the quality of materials used, a critical factor for ensuring durability and longevity. Opt for materials like cedar wood that resist weather-related damage, preventing warping, shrinking, or swelling in high humidity.

High-grade materials guarantee that the garden bed can endure outdoor elements and provide a stable structure for your plants. Not only do quality materials enhance the bed's durability, but they also contribute to its overall visual appeal, enhancing your outdoor space.

Investing in a raised garden bed with superior materials can lead to a more successful and enjoyable gardening experience in the long run. Make sure to prioritize quality when choosing materials for your garden bed with a fence.

User-Friendly Design

Evaluate the raised garden bed's user-friendly design, focusing on factors that enhance accessibility and functionality when incorporating a fence into your gardening setup. Look for raised beds with fences that offer easy access to your plants, reducing the need for excessive bending or kneeling. A fence can help protect your garden from pests, animals, and damage, improving your overall gardening experience.

Opt for designs with convenient heights for planting, weeding, and harvesting to make your gardening tasks more comfortable. Defined spaces created by raised beds with fences can simplify plant care and maintenance. Consider models with gates or doors for easy entry and exit, enhancing the user-friendly nature of your garden setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Raised Garden Beds Be Easily Disassembled for Storage?

Yes, you can easily disassemble these raised garden beds for storage. The process is straightforward and doesn't require any special tools. Just follow the simple instructions provided, and you'll have them ready for storage in no time.

Are There Options for Customizing the Height of the Fence?

Want to customize the fence height? You can personalize it to suit your needs. Adjusting the fence height is easy, allowing you to create a secure and beautiful garden oasis tailored just for you.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for the Wooden Garden Frame?

To maintain the wooden garden frame, regularly check for rot, pests, and weather damage. Apply a protective sealant every year to extend its lifespan. Clear debris, weeds, and guarantee proper drainage to keep your garden bed in top shape.

Are There Additional Accessories Available for These Garden Beds?

Yes, there are additional accessories available for these garden beds. You can find options like trellises, drip irrigation systems, and pest netting to enhance your gardening experience and help you achieve a bountiful harvest.

Can the Raised Garden Beds Be Used on Uneven Ground?

Yes, you can use the raised garden beds on uneven ground. They are designed to be adaptable and can accommodate slight variations in terrain. This flexibility makes them a great choice for your gardening needs.


To sum up, when contemplating raised garden beds with fences, it's crucial to think about protecting your plants from pests and creating a beautiful garden oasis.

Whether you opt for deer fence netting, a wooden garden frame, or a large raised cedar garden bed, it's essential to take into account factors like size, material, and ease of assembly.

By choosing the right option for your needs, you can relish a secure and flourishing garden for years to come.

Written by

Sumit Pradhan

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