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There is no doubt that your landscaping can do wonders for your home, making it one of the most important projects to undertake. Real estate experts couldn’t agree more- recent research makes it clear that a well-designed home landscape can boost any property’s value by 10 to 20%. This is what you want to hear, especially if you intend to sell your house soon. However, you should note that landscaping can also hurt your home’s value if it isn’t done right. This means that you can’t undertake this project without enough research. Several landscaping mistakes can easily creep up, and you must try your best to avoid them. Here are some you should consider. 

AE00004-front yard landscaping ideas

Looking for easy-to-maintain, low-budget front-yard landscaping ideas?

1. Your yard is a comfortable space for weed and overgrowth 

The last thing potential homebuyers want to see is a yard that looks like it’s been abandoned for a long time. However, overgrowth and weeds all over the place can give that impression. Moreover, there are many things that could go wrong with these two in your outdoor area. For instance, pests like snakes, bugs, and rodents can use them as hiding spots. Snakes are dangerous to have around, as their venom could cause casualties. Some bugs can also cause allergic reactions or diseases. Rodents can chew through weak spots in your walls and infest your home, causing you to spend more money on eliminating them. Some weed varieties can also cause painful and itchy allergic reactions, which is problematic if you have kids around. 

After knowing these things, getting rid of weeds and overgrowth will be a welcome idea. The good thing is that you have a lot of options to complete this task successfully. For instance, you can consider digging them up with your garden hoe or weeder tools. However, resist the urge to pull them out forcefully when the soil is dry, as the roots may remain, and they can return. As a tip, place dug-out weeds in a sack and take them out of your yard so that their seeds don’t drop in your yard. Other effective methods can be smothering them with plastic or newspaper, killing them with heat, or using a chemical or organic weedicide. 

2. Your patio or deck has seen better days 

Many homeowners and potential home buyers appreciate patios and decks. And why not? These additions have many benefits that you may be aware of. For instance, it allows you to spend more time outside your home without leaving your premises. Likewise, your guests can lounge in this space as you talk with and entertain them. If you enjoy throwing parties frequently, patios and decks have your back. However, these spaces can also be the reason your home loses value and becomes unappealing to buyers. This is understandable; a few people want an old or decaying deck or patio. Not only are they unappealing to the eyes, but they can also put anyone in danger. 

This is because weak or rotten wood can easily give way under pressure, which can cause serious injuries. Perhaps you have a concrete deck and don’t have to worry about weak wood. However, cracks can be a great place for weeds to sprout, making the area look unkempt. You can prevent these by taking good care of your patio or deck. Experts would recommend inspecting this area for signs of damage, as this will give you an idea of the materials you need to restore it to its former state. This can be a DIY project if you enjoy repairing stuff. If not, consider working with professionals to achieve the desired results. 

3. Trees are all over the place 

It’s safe to say that trees are a staple in landscaping, as it provides immense benefits. For instance, you can enjoy quality time in your yard without worrying about being sunburned or extremely hot, as trees provide the needed shade. Likewise, when positioned well, they can protect the west and south sides of your property from the sun. This means you can reduce your utility bills and use the surplus on other things or savings. Even in winter, trees can act as nature’s windbreak to prevent cold winds from seeping into your face. Seeing their benefits, how could trees reduce your home’s value? The problem lies in how many you place in your yard. The goal is not to make your property look like a wooded forest. Moreover, having too many trees close to your house is not the best idea, as they can destroy your roof, gutters, windows, and siding. You also don’t want to forget about their roots- too many of them can destroy your home’s foundation, which is a recipe for disaster. 

These same roots can also get to all the nutrients in the soil, and their shade can prevent sunlight from reaching them. Combining these can create a hostile environment for other plants in your outdoor spaces. You can expect dead plants to pop up more frequently than normal. These factors can prevent homebuyers from choosing your home if you decide to sell in the near future. Those who express an interest may present a price lower than your expectations. Fortunately, eliminating trees you don’t need is the best way to prevent these problems, although you shouldn’t attempt this yourself. Instead, work with a competent tree service company because they have the proper machinery and technical knowledge to uproot these trees without damaging your home. 

4. Your water feature is a mess 

Most homeowners may be bored with the average garden and install a water feature. This is not a bad idea; these additions can give your outdoor space a more luxurious ambiance. Likewise, they serve as a focal point that ties everything together. However, water features can quickly go against you if you don’t give them the proper maintenance. Fountains, koi ponds, rock ponds, and the like can quickly accumulate debris and unpleasant organisms like bacteria and algae. The result is a slimy-looking pond or fountain that can be difficult for potential homebuyers to overlook. It’s also worth noting that stagnant water can attract critters like dragonflies, mayflies, giant water bugs, water boatmen, and the like. It also stinks, so keep this in mind.

These things help your case, as water feature maintenance costs can quickly accumulate, and few people are willing to spend such an amount. The goal is to convince them to buy your house at a good price, regardless of your water feature. Therefore, keep it in excellent condition so that they can see the appeal. While each type has specific requirements, these maintenance tips can apply to them all. For starters, make it a point to clean yours regularly to prevent it from looking nasty; clean the rocks and gravel with a hose for the best results. While at it, let the water level be consistent and ensure no leaks. 

Could Overlandscaping Hurt My Home's Value?

Overlandscaping can actually hurt your home's value if not done properly. It's important to remember the lawn maintenance essentials to keep your landscaping in check. Overly extravagant landscaping can overwhelm your property and detract from its overall appeal, potentially impacting its market value.

5. Your lawn has too many ornaments 

Wanting to beautify your outdoor space is not a bad idea, and lawn ornaments can be an expensive way to do so. Moreover, they can give your space a vibrant and playful feel. However, it is extremely easy to go overboard, which is more detrimental to your home’s value. While many garden gnomes may tickle your fancy, they can be creepy to potential buyers, preventing them from acquiring your property. Likewise, not everyone appreciates eccentricism, which is what too many lawn ornaments can portray. This is not to say that you should get rid of these items. Instead, tone it down by putting just a few in vantage points. 


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