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Planting Tree On Power Line? The 10 Best Small Tree Choices To Plant

Written by AgFunnel

Have you been looking for different tree choices available for planting tree on power line? 

Home gardeners are always looking for new ways to beautify their lawns and gardens, but there is one thing that many homeowners have overlooked. Most of us don't think about how planting tree on power line can affect the operation of our electrical grid, and vice versa. 

The US Department of Energy recommends planting trees that grow to more than 30 feet in height well away from power lines because they can interfere with the safe operation and reliability for our electrical grid or harm utility workers' safety.

trees near power lines-tree on powerline-landscaping around trees-landscaping under trees

Trees on power line or near electric cables are also hazardous, since branches may brush against them during storms causing a power outage or other damage such as property devaluation and personal injury lawsuits.

Electric utilities often prune trees to reduce the risk of contact with power lines and poles. These are called line clearance tree trimmers, but they can be expensive for homeowners without electrical knowledge or training who wish plant small plants near their electric grid infrastructure or those planting tree on power line.

trees near power lines-tree on powerline-landscaping around trees-landscaping under trees

There is one solution that can help homeowners maintain their lawns while respecting electric safety guidelines: planting smaller trees (<20 feet). Small trees can be planted below power lines without reducing pruning needs as much as taller ones do.

In this blog post, we'll cover what you need to know about planting tree on power line, as well as some great small tree choices perfect to plant near power lines.

What Are the Best Small Tree Choices For Planting Tree On Power Line?

Below are the list of 10 small tree choices better suited for planting below power lines which will not interfere with electrical safety measures.

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These recommendations are based on University of Florida's research, co-sponsored by the Florida Department of Agriculture Florida Forest Service. More than 70 small trees are compatible with urban structures such as overhead power lines, streetlights. 

The research was spurred in part by legislation enacted in 2007 that limits municipalities to recommending only trees of certain heights be planted under electric wires, so there is more available space for people who want their own personal oasis near home, but still need electricity!

trees near power lines-tree on powerline-landscaping around trees-landscaping under trees

In conclusion, a well-selected small maturing trees (those that remain <20 feet even when mature), planted in the right place around the tall power line structures, will be able to get just as big, and would help

-to prevent personal injury,

-reduces chances of tree limbs causing power outages,

-reduces pruning needs, as well as

This also allows the trees grow to optimal height and form, thereby providing an attractive looking addition to your home!

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