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35 best air purifying air plants.

Are you searching for the best indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins from your living space? If so, then, this article is for you!

Air-purifying plants are a great way to clean your home's air and make it healthier. Air purifying plants is one of the most effective ways to remove toxins from the air without using harsh chemicals that could harm your and your family's health. Air purifying plants also help improve moods by releasing oxygen, which can help lower anxiety levels! Air purifying plants are perfect for those looking for low-cost, all-natural methods for making their home less toxic. Most of the air purifying plants don't need much care at all to thrive in any environment.


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Here are some common air purifying plants that can help you breathe easier in your home!

Best Air Purifying Plants

Below is a list of the best air purifying indoor plants that are easy to maintain. You can choose the best indoor plants you like or even buy an air purifying plants variety bundle.

1. Snake Plant Or Mother-in-law's tongue

The snake plant is one of the most common air purifying plants. This plant has many benefits, including removing formaldehyde from the air and lowering anxiety levels.

The snake plant also helps clean indoor air by absorbing toxins like benzene, trichloroethylene, and other pollutants. This makes it an ideal choice for people with allergies or asthma looking for ways to improve their quality of life without using chemicals that could harm them in the long run. The snake plant can grow in any soil, so you don't need to worry about spending too much on expensive pots!

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 Snake Plant Or Mother-in-law's tongue

Snake Plant Or Mother-in-law's tongue

2. Dracaena

Dracaenas are very popular houseplants that come in many forms and colors. The Cornstalk Dracena is one of the most common air-purifying plants used in homes.

Dracaenas are very popular plants that are easy to maintain. They require low-light and low-water environments, meaning you can place them almost anywhere without worrying about making big adjustments to your lighting or watering routine. Dracaenas are a dream come true for novice gardeners.

The dracaena plant can help improve the air quality in your home by removing pollution and toxins from the air.



3. Chrysanthemums

These beautiful blooms of Chrysanthemums help eliminate a range of pollutants, including ammonia and benzene, which are typically found in plastics, detergents, and adhesives.

With a chrysanthemum, you can brighten up your kitchen or living area where sunlight may enter. They are very easy to maintain and require minimal water. They also require little sunlight so that you can place them almost anywhere.

Chrysanthemums are great for purifying the air in your home without requiring too much care!



4. Barberton Daisy (Gerbera Daisy)

The Barberton Daisy is a delightfully bright addition to any room. It injects a refreshing burst of red, yellow, orange, or pink into your space. Still, it also cleans pollutants such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene from various household items, including paints and synthetic fibers. Barberton daisies are beautiful flowers that grow well in almost any type of soil or pot. This makes them a great choice for adding color and life to your home!

Barberton Daisy

Barberton Daisy

5. Aloe Vera

A healing Aloe Vera plant will purify the air of formaldehyde and benzene, which are present in varnishes, floor finishes, and cleansers, while adding beauty to your kitchen windowsill.

Aloe vera is an easy-to-grow houseplant that cleans indoor air quality. t is also known as the burn plant because aloe gel contains compounds that speed up wound healing. t requires very little water and care, making it one of the best air purifying plants for busy people who want to improve their home's environment!

 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

6. Weeping Fig (Ficus)

Ficus (Weeping Fig) is a low-maintenance evergreen that serves as attractive décor and a protective antioxidant against benzene, trichloroethylene, and toluene, which may be found in paint thinner and some nail polish.

​​Weeping fig trees are a great way to add a pop of green to your home. They require very little water and can survive in almost any pot type, so you don't need to invest in expensive plant pots!

Weeping Fig (Ficus)

Weeping Fig (Ficus)

7. Red Edged Dracaena (Dracaena marginata or Dragon Tree)

The Dragon Tree is an ornamental indoor air purifying plant in many offices, lobbies, and atriums. The Dragon tree is one of the most efficient for removing xylene and trichloroethylene from indoor air. The leaves have a brilliant crimson border that brightens up your home.

Red Edged Dracaena-Dracaena marginata-Dragon Tree

Red Edged Dracaena (Dragon Tree)

8. Chinese Evergreen / Aglaonema

The Chinese evergreen is a decorative plant believed to bring good fortune in Asian countries, and NASA discovered that it could remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Although it purifies the air, it can be harmful and toxic to cats and dogs.

Chinese Evergreen-Aglaonema

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

9. Pothos Or Devil's Ivy

Pothos flourishes under various circumstances and can reach up to 8 feet in length. According to some studies, it's also one of the most efficient indoor air purifying plants for removing common pollutants.

The Devil's Ivy, also known for their large waxy leaves, are excellent air purifying plants. This one is ideal if you're busy and cannot spend a lot of time gardening since they are easy to care for and grow in most natural circumstances. 

 Pothos-Devil's Ivy

Pothos Or Devil's Ivy

10. Bamboo Palms 

The Bamboo Palm, with its beautiful arching leaves, is ideal for any living space. Its elegant, spreading leaves are particularly effective at eliminating formaldehyde from the air.

Bamboo palms are a great option for purifying the air in a living or dining area. t requires high sunlight, so make sure you place it by a window!

Bamboo Palms 

Bamboo Palms 

11. Peace Lilies

The Peace Lily is a popular houseplant that may help filter certain dangerous pollutants, making it one of the best air-purifying plants. f you're going to add this one to your plant collection, keep in mind that it's harmful to cats and dogs.

 Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies

12. Jade Plant

Jade Plant, also known as Crassula ovata, is a lovely indoor houseplant with thick leaves that may complement your home's decor.

These succulents are adapted to low light and temperatures to thrive in medium and room temperatures. They require watering once a week, making them suitable for offices and homes.

Jade Plant is recognized for absorbing toluene from gas fumes, paints, kerosene, and lacquers.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant

13. Mass Cane / Corn Plant

The Mass Cane (also known as Dracaena Tips "Massangeana" or corn plant), which has been shown to help remove formaldehyde from the air, is one of Dracaenas' most popular kinds because of its lovely foliage, which ranges from green to yellow. They look great in a tree but may also be cultivated as bushes.

 Mass Cane-Corn Plant

Mass Cane (Corn Plant)


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14. Philodendron

Philodendrons come in various sizes and colors, with leaf shapes that vary considerably. These plants are easily transplanted to most houses with medium to bright, indirect light. Researchers claim that philodendrons such as heartleaf philodendron and elephant ear philodendron help remove indoor pollutants like formaldehyde in carpets and cleaning chemicals.



15. Janet Craig

Dracaena Janet Craig has dark green, glossy broad leaves with wavy edges. Janet Craig is a popular choice for offices and urban settings. It is tall, upright, compact species that looks fantastic as an elegant floor piece and is well-recognized for its ability to purify the air around it.

Janet Craig

Janet Craig

16. Warneckii (Dracaena deremensis)

Dracaenas come in many different forms, but the 'Warneckii' cultivar has been researched by NASA and shown to remove benzene and trichloroethylene from the air. This plant features long, slender striped leaves. It thrives in mid-day light but may also endure direct sunshine and low-light situations.

Warneckii-Dracaena deremensis

Warneckii (Dracaena deremensis)

17. Spider Plants 

Spider Plants are also known as air plants. They grow fast and look great in hanging pots, particularly in your workspace. They may even produce lovely white flowers from time to time.

There are over 200 species of spider plants, and most of them can withstand minor negligence from us. For those of you who are unfamiliar with houseplants, the sturdy spider plant is an excellent choice. t will fight carbon monoxide and xylene, used in the printing and rubber industries. This plant is one of the few houseplants that are safe for pets.

Water the plants twice or thrice a week.

Spider plants 

Spider plants 

18. Areca Palms

This small Madagascar plant, Areca Palms, is more straightforward to maintain outside. n the other hand, its gracefully arching leaves would look lovely in a space with bright filtered light.

Like every other plant, the Areca Palm is biochemically engineered to absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. However, what makes the Areca Palm unique is its capacity to detoxify the area it's planted in by removing hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Areca Pal

Areca Palm

19. Lady Palm

The leaves of the Lady Palm plant can aid in the removal of formaldehyde and ammonia from the air. This plant also aids in the improvement of indoor air quality while providing a clean, fresh environment.

This plant doesn't require direct sunlight. These plants are safe for dogs and cats.

Lady Palm

Lady Palm

20. Kentia Palm

The gorgeous Kentia Palm — also known as the Thatch Palm — is a palm tree from the Arecaceae family. They are highly durable, attractive, and air-purifying, making them ideal for people who live in flats.

These palms might create a tropical atmosphere in an indoor area.

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

21. Rubber Plants 

According to NASA research, Rubber Plants (Ficus robusta) improve indoor air quality. Their broad leaves can capture airborne pollutants and break them down, making them harmless. They absorb exhaled carbon dioxide and transform it into breathable oxygen. Rubber plants also consume germs and mold spores from the air.

Add some greenery to your desk or windowsill with this pretty succulent plant. t can be harmful to dogs and cats.

 Rubber Plants 

Rubber Plants 

22. Pineapple Plant

The Pineapple Plant is a member of Bromeliaceae that makes a big impression in the home. With striking foliage and huge leaves, these plants are recognized for purifying the air and removing harmful pollutants. f you're striving to add a bit of exoticism to your rooms, this is an excellent choice.

23. The Flamingo Lily (Anthurium)

The Flamingo Lily also known as Anthurium, are beautiful air purifying plants for any space and is a fantastic addition to your home or office. It's also ideal for removing pollutants from the air, thanks to its salmon-red heart-shaped leaves.

The Flamingo Lily (Anthurium)

The Flamingo Lily (Anthurium)

24. Kimberly Queen Fern

The Kimberly Queen Fern is a beautiful plant with shapely contours and gracefully arching fronds that is ideal for those who aren't particularly green-thumbed since they don't require much attention. They do exceptionally well in low-light areas.

Kimberly Queen Fern

Kimberly Queen Fern

25. Scarlet Star Bromeliad

The Scarlet Star Bromeliad is a lovely indoor plant with leathery leaves and a splash of color. These blooming plants enjoy humid conditions and are beautiful in the bathroom, adding to the humidity while cleaning the air. t is easy to care for and fairly drought tolerant.

Scarlet Star Bromeliad

26. Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant is also known as Aspidistra Elatior' Milky Way' and is suitable for improving air quality. The cast iron plant is recognized for its ability to absorb pollutants. These plants can improve your health in the environment.

It can flourish in low-light settings. t requires minimal humidity when compared to other indoor plants. The cast iron plant can endure wide temperature swings and are easy to grow.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

27. Lemon Button Fern

Lemon Button Ferns, relatives of Boston ferns, are used for detoxing and purifying indoor air. They grow a foot tall and require enough humidity if they're in direct sunshine. They're more drought-tolerant than most ferns, so wait a bit before watering them again if the soil is dry.

Lemon Button Fern

Lemon Button Fern

28. Parlor Palm

Even today, tropical Parlor Palms are popular. They're still popular today because they can adapt to the limited light conditions found in most houses. ASA researchers discovered that they could also remove benzene and trichloroethylene from your home or workplace study on plants that clean the air.

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

29. Fittonia 'Frankie'

Fittonias, are low-maintenance houseplants that filter toluene, benzene, and trichloroethylene from indoor air. This variety, 'Frankie,' has pink and green leaves, whereas others have white, green, or red foliage. Fittonias grow 3 to 6 inches. Give them a warm, humid, well-drained soil mix and bright indirect light.

30. Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa, this tropical beauty, often known as a Swiss cheese plant for the holes in its big, glossy leaves, is one of the most efficient air pollution reducers.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

31. Boston Fern

According to a 2010 American Society of Horticultural Science study, this gorgeous and frilly wonder, Boston Fern, is the single most efficient plant in removing formaldehyde from the air.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern

32. Bamboo

Bamboo is a unique natural humidifier that can remove benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde while adding moisture to the air. Some believe that keeping bamboo shoots in your home will also bring you good fortune.



Which Air Purifying Plants Are Also Considered Feng Shui-friendly for Home Decor?

Looking to improve your home decor with feng shui tips for home? Consider adding air-purifying plants such as the snake plant, peace lily, or bamboo palm. These plants not only clean the air but also bring positive energy into your space, making them perfect for feng shui-friendly home decor.

33. Calathea

Calatheas do particularly well in places that aren't exposed to direct sunlight. Apart from its lovely and unique foliage, it cleans the air around it, removing various pollutants, including compounds that are considered hazardous.



In conclusion, these are the best air purifying plants that you can buy to improve the air quality at your home. It's no secret that the air you breathe in your home significantly impacts your family's health. o choosing the best air purifying house plants for your home is a simple way to contribute to your family's well-being.

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