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protecting plants from deer

When it comes to protecting your garden from deer, choosing the right fence is key to keeping your precious plants safe and sound. Opting for materials like durable polypropylene in options such as Garden Netting, Jobes LG400171 Deer Barrier Fencing, and Dalen Deer X Protective Netting can provide the strength needed to ward off curious critters. If you prefer a more decorative touch, Yaheetech Decorative Garden Fence and Ohuhu Plastic Garden Fence offer sturdy metal or UV-resistant plastic choices that can also do the job effectively.

It's important to consider factors like mesh sizes, UV treatment, and ease of installation when selecting the best garden deer fence for your needs. Ensuring a fence height of 7-8 feet is crucial to prevent deer from leaping over and snacking on your plants. These fences are particularly effective at safeguarding plants like fruits and vegetables, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your garden bounty. To find the perfect garden deer fence for your space, take a closer look at the features and benefits of each recommended option.

Key Takeaways

  • UV stabilized polypropylene for durability and weather resistance.
  • Easy installation with lightweight materials and user-friendly designs.
  • Mesh sizes tailored to deter deer and other animals effectively.
  • Customizable options for different garden layouts.
  • Versatile usage for safeguarding plants, fruits, and wildlife.

Garden Netting, 7 x 50ft Deer Fence Netting for Garden Protection

  • 【Perfect Size】 Comes in a 7ft x 50ft size with a 3/5-inch mesh, suitable for medium-sized fields or farms, and can cover medium-sized sites to prevent small animals from attacking.
  • 【Sturdy and Reusable】 Made from tough UV stabilized polypropylene resin with higher breaking loads that won't tear easily, rust, or rot, making it reusable for longer protection.
  • 【Effective Protection】 It does a great job of shielding your plants from birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, and more without interfering with the growth of plants and harming small animals.
  • 【Easy Installation】 Can be cut to any size to meet different DIY needs, easily attached to stakes or posts (not included) with sturdy cable zip ties.
  • 【Multi-scenario Protection】 Can be used as bird netting, chicken netting, rabbit fence, deer netting, pond, and pool netting.

For gardeners seeking an affordable and versatile solution to protect their plants from birds, squirrels, deer, and rabbits, the 7 x 50ft Deer Fence Netting offers a durable and easy-to-install option made of UV stabilized polypropylene resin. This netting, with a 3/5-inch mesh, provides effective protection and is reusable, making it a cost-effective choice for safeguarding garden plants, fruit trees, and vegetables.

Customers appreciate its lightweight yet durable nature, along with its ease of trimming to fit specific needs. While some users found it necessary to weigh down the bottom with boards for added security, the overall feedback highlights its value for money and effectiveness in keeping unwanted animals at bay.

However, there are mixed reviews on its durability, with some users experiencing tears over time.

Best For: Gardeners looking for an affordable and versatile solution to protect their plants from birds, squirrels, deer, and rabbits.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easy to trim and fit
  • Effective protection against small animals


  • Mixed feedback on durability


Jobes LG400171 Deer Barrier Fencing, 7 ft x 100 ft, Black

  • Tough durable deer fence; Protects landscape and crops from deer and other animals
  • Reusable UV treated deer fence will last for years; Ideal for marking property lines
  • Lightweight deer barrier will not rust, rot or corrode like metal or wood
  • Easy to use roll; Attaches easily to posts and trees
  • Economical; Do it yourself deer fencing for protecting trees, shrubs, orchards and crops
  • Protects landscapes from deer
  • Protects crops from deer and other animals
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode. Unroll and unfold it for the full 7’ height.

Ideal for homeowners seeking a durable and cost-effective solution, the Jobes LG400171 Deer Barrier Fencing offers reliable protection for landscapes and crops against deer and other animals. Made of tough and durable polypropylene material, this black deer fence is UV treated, making it reusable and long-lasting. At 7 feet tall and 100 feet long, it provides ample coverage for various outdoor spaces.

Easy to handle and install, it can be attached to posts and trees, with recommended post spacing of 6-8 feet apart. Users have reported positive experiences with this fence, noting its effectiveness in safeguarding orchards and gardens. While it's highly recommended for deer and elk protection, additional measures may be required for protection against gnawing critters.

Best For: Homeowners looking for a cost-effective and durable solution to protect their landscapes and crops from deer and other animals.


  • Made of tough and durable polypropylene material
  • Reusable and UV treated for long-lasting use
  • Easy to handle and install, providing effective protection for orchards and gardens


  • Additional measures may be needed for protection against gnawing critters


Dalen Deer X Protective Netting for Gardens and Landscapes (7' x 100')

  • THE PERFECT FENCING SOLUTION: Practical and cost-effective way of making sure your vegetable garden, fruit shrubs, or trees are protected against hungry deer, rabbits, and other unwanted pests. The Gardeneer by Dalen deer netting is the perfect alternative to expensive plastic or metal fences.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: This deer defense is made in the USA with superior quality, heavy-duty 3/4” polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors, and weather-resistant materials guaranteed to withstand harsh environments.
  • ENHANCED PROTECTION: Deer don´t enjoy the feel of plastic on their noses so keep them away from your garden, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, trees, or flowers with this high-quality garden animal barrier. Available in 2 sizes, according to your individual needs: 7” x 100 and 14” x 75”.
  • SAFE AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLY: Unlike similar products on the market, this temporary or permanent barrier for outdoors is non-toxic, secure, and animal friendly. Our products are made from recycled material.
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: The Gardeneer by Dalen Deer-X deer repellent was designed having in mind a comfortable and user-friendly experience. Unlike a metal fence, Deer-X is easy to install without expensive handymen or professional tools. Avoid cuts, corrosion and wasting money.

A practical and durable solution for safeguarding vegetable gardens, fruit shrubs, and trees from wildlife intrusions, the Dalen Deer X Protective Netting for Gardens and Landscapes (7' x 100') is an effective choice for plant protection.

This netting is made in the USA using heavy-duty 3/4” polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors, ensuring durability in harsh conditions. It's available in sizes of 7' x 100' and 14' x 75' to accommodate different garden needs.

The barrier is non-toxic, secure, and animal-friendly as it's crafted from recycled materials. Users praise its effectiveness in keeping deer and other pests at bay. Some recommend using additional support like garden stakes for enhanced stability.

The nearly invisible netting provides excellent protection while allowing plants to thrive undisturbed.

Best For: Gardeners looking for a cost-effective and durable solution to protect their vegetable gardens and landscapes from deer and other pests.


  • Made in the USA with heavy-duty 3/4” polypropylene mesh for durability.
  • Non-toxic and animal-friendly barrier made from recycled materials.
  • Nearly invisible design provides effective protection while allowing plants to thrive.


  • May require additional support like garden stakes for better stability.


Deer Netting Fence, 8ft x 100ft Heavy Duty Garden Netting

  • TALLER & HEAVIER: Mklsit 8ft x 100ft deer netting is improved to be taller and heavier weight than competitive products. Our deer fence is 8 feet tall, where others are only 7 feet. Product weight per foot is more, also. Best bird netting for gardens & landscapes protection
  • PERFECT PROTECTION: The 3/4 inch square mesh design of garden netting keeps critters out, lets bees in! Very effective animal barrier in protecting garden plants, fruit trees, berries, bushes, shrubs, flowers and vegetables from birds, deer, rabbit, squirrel, poultry etc. without becoming an eye sore
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Made from highly-durable polypropylene plastic new material, our fruit tree netting is heavy duty but lightweight, strong and sturdy, won’t tangle or tear easily, does not rust or rot, UV-stabilised so that it can be used year after year
  • EASY TO USE AND SPREAD: Easy to use roll of garden net, freely cut it into any size you want without fraying. Put it up around your vegetable garden or wrap it around the trees. Can also be used with garden fencing, a fence screen or as a temporary measure
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer 24/7/365 worry-free customer support service. Each netting is tested and enjoys 30 day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Package: 1 x bird net, 10 x U Staple Nails, 50 x Cable Ties. [NOTE] Netting comes folded before rolled for shipment convenience.

With its durable polypropylene plastic construction and 8ft x 100ft dimensions, the Deer Netting Fence by Mklsit stands out as a robust solution for safeguarding garden plants from wildlife intrusion. This heavy-duty garden netting offers a 3/4 inch square mesh size, making it an effective barrier against animals like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

Weighing 3.36 pounds, this netting is taller and heavier than many competitors, ensuring better protection for your plants. The UV-stabilized material is designed for long-term use, and it's easy to cut and install. Customers have praised its ability to keep out various animals while still allowing pollinators like bees to access the plants.

With positive feedback on its effectiveness and ease of use, this Deer Netting Fence is a valuable addition to any garden seeking protection.

Best For: Garden owners looking for a durable and effective solution to protect their plants from deer, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.


  • Taller and heavier than competitors for better plant protection
  • UV-stabilized for long-term use
  • Easy to cut and install, making setup hassle-free


  • Mesh size may not be suitable for very small pests


Yaheetech Decorative Garden Fence (40in x 43ft)

  • 🌺【Great for Garden】Our decorative garden fence could be set up as barrier for your garden, yard and landscape patio to keep animal away from your flower, plants and vegetable.
  • 🌺【Creating Different Shapes】 Panels are connected by metal bars, which allow this garden fence to be flexibly built in different shapes like octagon, square and rectangle in different sizes by adding or removing panels.
  • 🌺【Practical Decorative Fences】Our garden border fence panels constructed from sturdy metal for increased longevity and durability that can be applied for both indoor and RV camping, traveling, or for other yard activities.
  • 🌺【Solid Metal Stakes Ensuring Safety】The upgraded solid metal stakes achieve a fully enclosed bend, avoiding sharp edges to protect pets. At the same time, the solid stakes are easily inserted into the ground to keep the walls more stable.
  • 🌺【No Tools Required】Simply unfold, shape, and connect the patio garden fence together, exercise pen can be set up in seconds and folds flat for easy storage.

For those seeking a versatile and durable solution to safeguard their plants and enhance outdoor aesthetics, the Yaheetech Decorative Garden Fence (40in x 43ft) stands out as a reliable choice.

This fence is designed to create barriers in gardens, yards, and landscape patios, providing protection for flowers, plants, and vegetables from animals. Constructed from sturdy metal panels, the fence offers flexibility in shape customization, allowing for configurations such as octagon, square, and rectangle by adding or removing panels. The solid metal stakes guarantee safety with no sharp edges, providing stability when inserted into the ground.

With easy assembly that requires no tools, this fence can be set up quickly and stored conveniently. Additionally, users have praised its solid construction, ease of assembly, and effectiveness in protecting gardens, making it a practical and attractive option for various outdoor needs.

Best For: Garden enthusiasts and pet owners looking for a versatile and easy-to-assemble solution to protect their outdoor spaces.


  • Sturdy metal construction for durability.
  • Flexibility in shape customization for various configurations.
  • Quick and tool-free assembly for convenience.


  • Additional support may be needed for straight-line installations.


2 Pcs Deer Fence Netting 7 x 100 Feet Bird Netting for Garden

  • Enough to Against Animals: you will receive 2 sheets of bird nets in black, each net is about 7 x 100 feet/ 2.1 x 30.5 meters, each mesh on the net is about 0.59 x 0.59 inch/ 1.5 x 1.5 cm; Besides, the package is equipped with 20 pieces of installation nails and 100 pieces of cable ties, enough to meet your different needs
  • Reliable and Durable: the deer netting is made of quality PP material, lightweight and serviceable, not easy to tear, rust, break or knot, easy to be applied many times, and to serve you for a long time
  • Not Interfering the Growth: the bunny fence for garden is friendly and safe, which can avoid your flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits and more from wild animals and birds, but it is not bad for these animals and birds
  • Easy to Install and Remove: equipped with nails and cable ties, the mesh fence is easy to firm on the branches and fences; You can also cut the net into shapes you want, to be a temporary fence for your garden
  • Wide Usage in Your Life: with practical and functional designs, the poultry netting can be applied as a chicken house net, bird net, fruit tree net, vegetable net, deer fence, bunny fence and so on, to keep your produce and poultry safe

Ideal for gardeners seeking a durable and versatile solution for safeguarding their plants, the 2 Pcs Deer Fence Netting 7 x 100 Feet Bird Netting provides effective protection against animals and birds. Made of quality PP material, this netting comes in two pieces, each measuring 7 x 100 feet. The package includes 20 installation nails and 100 cable ties for easy setup and removal.

Not limited to just protecting plants from deer, it can also be utilized for various purposes such as a chicken house, bird net, or fruit tree net. However, customer reviews have indicated that the netting may be thin and unsuitable for larger animals like deer. For best results, consider installing it during calm weather conditions to guarantee proper coverage around your plants.

Best For: Gardeners looking for a versatile and easy-to-install solution to protect their plants from smaller animals and birds.


  • Made of quality PP material for durability
  • Comes with 20 installation nails and 100 cable ties for easy setup
  • Can be used for various purposes like chicken house, bird net, and fruit tree net


  • May be too thin to effectively deter larger animals like deer


Ohuhu Plastic Garden Fence Animal Barrier, 4x100 FT Roll with Zip Ties

An excellent choice for those seeking a durable and versatile solution for garden protection and animal containment is the Ohuhu Plastic Garden Fence Animal Barrier, available in a 4x100 FT roll with zip ties.

This fence is made of durable, lightweight, and UV-resistant plastic, making it suitable for various applications such as garden protection, livestock containment, and snow fencing. Users appreciate the easy installation and disassembly with the included cable ties, as well as the ability to customize the fence without sharp edges due to its cuttable design.

The mesh openings allow airflow and light while effectively keeping animals out. With positive feedback on its thickness and durability, this fence is a reliable option for safeguarding your plants and creating secure outdoor spaces.

Best For: Garden enthusiasts looking for a durable and versatile solution for protecting plants and securing outdoor areas.


  • Made of durable, lightweight, and UV-resistant plastic
  • Easy installation and disassembly with included cable ties
  • Mesh openings allow airflow and light while keeping out animals


  • Some concerns about plastic ties being brittle


Hourleey Bird Netting, 7 x 100 FT Black Deer Fence Netting (with 50 Pcs Cable Ties)

  • Package Include: 7ft x 100ft garden netting, the size of each netting mesh is 3/4", 10 pcs metal installation nails, 50 pcs cable ties
  • High quality: the garden netting is made of PP, durable, lightweight, can withstand bad weather. The nails are made of iron, strong and resilient. Can be used for many times.
  • Easy to use: Just need a pair of scissors to cut the bird netting to the size you need, and then cover the garden net on the fruit trees or vegetables you need to protect, and fix it with the cable ties.
  • Economical and Humane: The 3/4 inch square mesh design provides maximum protection for your garden plants, such as fruits, vegetables, etc., And will not harm birds and small animals, nor will it interfere with the growth of plants.
  • Good Service: Reply online within 24 hours, if you have any questions, we will serve you at any time.

With its durable PP material construction, the Hourleey Bird Netting, measuring 7 x 100 FT and accompanied by 50 cable ties, offers an effective and humane solution for safeguarding garden plants from wildlife intrusion.

This black deer fence netting is designed to protect fruits, vegetables, and more from birds and animals without causing harm. The mesh design provides maximum protection while being lightweight and easy to cut with scissors for customized use.

Users have praised its effectiveness in keeping animals out, especially deer, making it a practical and economical choice. While some recommend additional anchoring pins for stability, the Hourleey Bird Netting is suitable for various weather conditions and can be reused multiple times.

With positive feedback and a high average rating, this product stands out as a reliable plant protection solution.

Best For: Gardeners looking for a lightweight and versatile solution to protect their plants from wildlife intrusion.


  • Effective in keeping animals, especially deer, out of the garden
  • Mesh design offers maximum protection without harming birds or animals
  • Easy to cut and customize for different garden setups


  • Some users found the netting to be lighter weight than expected


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garden Deer Fence

When selecting a garden deer fence, consider different factors such as material, size, ease of installation, durability, and versatility.

The material of the fence can impact its effectiveness. The size and dimensions should match your garden's needs. Make sure the fence is easy to install, durable enough to withstand weather conditions, and versatile for various uses in your garden.

Material Considerations

Consider opting for durable materials such as polypropylene or UV-stabilized plastic for your garden deer fence to guarantee long-lasting protection. Look for fencing with UV inhibitors to withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent degradation over time.

Choosing a fine mesh size, like 3/4 inch, can effectively deter deer and other animals from entering the garden. Make sure the materials are non-toxic and animal-friendly to protect wildlife while safeguarding your plants.

Evaluate the weight and thickness of the fencing material to gauge its strength in keeping deer and pests out of your garden. By selecting the right materials, you can create a sturdy and reliable barrier to keep your garden safe and secure.

Size and Dimensions

To guarantee effective protection for your garden, carefully consider the size and dimensions of the deer fence. This includes its height, length, mesh sizes, and customization options. When selecting a deer fence, make sure it's tall enough to prevent deer from jumping over it; a height of 7-8 feet is typically recommended.

Additionally, check the width of the fence to make certain it provides adequate coverage for your garden or landscape. Look for mesh sizes that are suitable for deterring deer and other animals from accessing your plants. Evaluate whether the fence is customizable or can be easily adjusted to fit your specific garden layout and needs.

Installation Ease

Enhance your garden protection effortlessly by prioritizing the installation ease of your chosen garden deer fence. When selecting a fence, opt for lightweight materials and fences that come with accessories like cable ties or installation nails for added convenience. Guarantee the fence is easy to handle and can be cut to size for a customized fit during installation.

Look for user-friendly designs that require minimal tools or expertise to set up. Evaluate the flexibility of the fence material to adapt to different garden layouts and terrain types, making installation a hassle-free process. Choose deer fences that provide clear instructions or online resources to help you easily and securely set up the protective barrier around your garden.

Durability and Longevity

Prioritize the durability and longevity of your garden deer fence by selecting materials and features that guarantee lasting protection for your plants in harsh conditions. Choose a fence made of UV-stabilized polypropylene for increased durability against harsh weather. Look for mesh openings that balance airflow and protection, ensuring the fence lasts longer. Opt for UV-treated options to resist fading and degradation over time, extending the fence's lifespan.

Evaluate the thickness and weight of the material, as heavier options are typically more durable. Select fences with reinforced edges or additional support for increased durability against animal pressure and environmental factors. By taking these factors into account, you can make sure that your garden deer fence provides long-lasting protection for your plants.

Versatile Usage

Consider the diverse range of plants and wildlife you aim to protect when selecting a garden deer fence that offers versatile usage.

Garden deer fences aren't just for keeping deer away from your plants; they can safeguard fruits, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. These versatile barriers also work well in keeping out birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife that may harm your garden.

Additionally, some garden deer fences can serve multiple purposes, such as chicken netting, pond or pool netting, and even pet enclosures. Their flexibility allows for customization to suit various garden layouts and sizes.

It's crucial to choose a fence that provides effective protection while ensuring minimal harm to animals and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Deer Fences Be Easily Installed by Beginners?

Yes, these deer fences are simple for beginners to install. You'll find clear instructions and all the necessary tools included. With a bit of effort, you'll have your fence up in no time.

Are These Deer Fences Durable Enough to Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Yes, these deer fences are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are durable and reliable, ensuring your plants stay safe and secure in all types of weather. You can trust them to protect your garden.

Do These Deer Fences Require Any Special Maintenance or Care?

To keep your deer fences in top shape, regularly check for damage, tighten any loose parts, and clear debris. A little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your fences remain effective and durable.

Can These Deer Fences Be Easily Trimmed or Adjusted to Fit Specific Garden Sizes?

Yes, these deer fences can be easily trimmed or adjusted to fit specific garden sizes. You'll find it simple to customize them for your needs without any hassle. Just grab your tools and make those adjustments in no time!

Are These Deer Fences Safe for Use Around Pets and Children in the Garden?

Yes, these deer fences are safe for use around pets and children in the garden. They are designed with sturdy materials and secure construction to prevent any accidents. You can enjoy your garden worry-free.


When selecting a garden deer fence, take into account factors like size, material, and durability to guarantee your plants stay safe and secure. Look for options like garden netting, deer barrier fencing, and protective netting that suit your garden's needs.

Remember to also consider the size of your garden and the type of wildlife you're trying to keep out. By making an informed decision, you can safeguard your plants and enjoy a thriving garden all season long.

Written by

Sumit Pradhan

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