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How to keep cats away from plants? are there simple tips?.
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Do you have a cat? And are you a plant lover too? If you have cats at home but also love to grow plants, then this blog post is for you! Here we provide tips on how to keep cats away from plants.

Cats are natural hunters. They may destroy your plants, chewing their leaves and playing with them until the plant gets ruined. Some cats even use them as a litter box, defecate and pee on your plants which can be frustrating for someone who likes to grow plants. 

Keep an eye on these nine tips to help keep your cats away from the plants.

How To Keep Cats Away From Plants?

Are you wondering how to cat-proof plants? Here are nine simple steps on how to keep cats away from plants.

1. Mulching As A Barrier

Cats are notorious for destroying plants, defecating, peeing, and ruining the soil around them. Mulch is a great way to protect that precious ground from our feline friend! 

You can use mulches such as pebble, gravel, cedar bark mulch, or pine bark chips to create an impenetrable barrier between your cats and plant roots.

You can also use Scat Cat Mat, which is very effective for several people.

2. Citrus As Natural Repellant

Typically, cats dislike Citrus. So, Citrus can be a natural repellant for cats. 

You can use orange, lime, and lemon peels as mulch (covering above the soil). You can also use the oil of citrus fruits around your plants.

3. Plant Spray For Cats

There are many plant sprays for cats to keep them away from your plants. You can use them to prevent cats from destroying your plants, play with the soil around them, or use them as a litter box. Some effective plant sprays include The Scratch Cat Spray Deterrent for Kittens and Cats and Nature's Mace Cat Repellent. Colton's Naturals Cats Training Aid is also used by many and has good reviews on amazon.

Another important cat repellent includes PetSafe SSSCAT - a motion-activated pet repellent.

4. Shifting Attention Of Cats From Your Precious Plant

Are you searching for non-toxic plants for cats to play with? Want to shift the attention of your pet away from your plants? Then there are some plants your cat can play with, paw, and chew. Below are non-toxic plants for cats that your cat can play with, paw, and chew! 

Here are some non-toxic plants for cats:

Different cats respond differently to each of these plants. So, it is up to you to find out which of these above plants works best for your cat!

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5. Embedding Pine Cones

Pine cones are another way to protect your cats from your precious plants. Place the pine cones around your plants. Pine cones create a rough and brittle texture and make it uncomfortable for cats to be around your plants. This is one of the most effective answers to your question- "how to keep cats away from plants?"

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6. Spray Some Pepper On Your Plants

If your cat eats your useful plants, cayenne pepper can be one of your solutions to keep cats away from plants. Cayenne pepper is of hot and spicy taste, and due to the presence of capsaicin, a chemical compound, cats stay away from it. So, applying or spraying some cayenne pepper onto your plant's leaves may help keep cats away from plants. The hot pepper wax spray animal repellent is common and is used by several people to deter cats from plants.

7. Caging Your Plants

You can also use the cage for your plants. However, make sure to choose the cage through which the little paws of your little feline friend can't reach your plants. You may find cages for your plants either online or in local markets.

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8. Use Hanging Pots

All people can't afford new technology, right! So, here are the next options for you. Nowadays, we can see different attractive techniques, like plants in hanging pots. Yes, you can use this technique and let your plants grow. It would be best to hang plants where your cat can't easily destroy them.

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9. New Technology As A Barrier

You may know about hydroponics, a widely evolving technology in farming. But if you are a true gardener and can spend a certain amount from your earnings or are truly interested in growing vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, beans, etc. Then you can try hydroponics. It is all about growing plants without soil. So your cat won't get any soil to dig!

There are several hydroponic Wall Hanging Planter available in the market.

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There are several beautiful Flower Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand available in the market where you can readily grow hydroponic plants on your desk.

This blog post has provided you with some tips on how to keep your cat away from plants. We hope this article will help you keep both of these loves, cats, and plants, happy!


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How to keep cats out of flower pots?

If you want to keep cats out of flower pots, here are a few things you can do:-

- Mulching the soil with pebbles, bark, etc.

- Caging of plants

- Use of cat-repellant spray

- Use hanging pots

How to stop cats from eating plants?

You can use cayenne pepper spray on your plant leaves. Cats dislike the hot and spicy taste. Your feline friend would surely stay away from your plants.

How to keep cats away from plants? How to stop cats from eating plants?

If you are wondering how to get a cat to stop eating plants, you can spray cayenne pepper on your plant leaves. Cats dislike the hot and spicy taste. Your feline friend would surely stay away from your plants. You can also use other cat deterrent sprays for plants. 

How to keep cats away from house plants?

You can use many approaches, such as mulching, hanging pots, pricky substances around your plants, caging your plants, and using a citrus oil spray to keep cats away from plants.

How to keep cats away with vinegar spray?

You can also spray vinegar around the plant pot or soil, which will help keep the cats away too! This is because it smells very bad for cats, they won't like it!

How to keep cats away from plants outdoors?

You can do the following things to keep cats away from your outdoor plants:

- Cover the soil with stone, pebbles, gravel, bark chips, etc.

- Use the strong citrus scent spray or oil of Citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. You can also use the peels of the oranges in your garden.

- You can also spray cayenne pepper on your plant leaves.

- Pine cones can be laid on the soil around your plant as decoration in your garden.

- Fencing

What keeps cats away? How to stop cats from digging in plants? How to stop cats from destroying plants?

One of the best options to stop cats from digging in plants can be mulching. You can also lay some pricky, brittle substances like pine cones around the plants to protect them. Also, you can choose to grow the plants that deter cats or plants that cats hate, such as rosemary, common rue, etc. You can also use plant spray for cats to keep cats away from plants.

How to keep cats out of flower beds?

Flower beds are one of the attractions in your garden. But your cat may disappoint you with its behavior. So, to keep your cat out of flower beds, you can spray cayenne pepper, oil of Citrus, and lavender in your flower beds.

How to keep cats away from toxic plants?

If you want to keep your plants away from toxic plants, you can do the following things:-

- Detail research on plants! To find the correct information about the potentially toxic plants, read the journal articles published by universities and other reliable institutions.

- You can use cayenne pepper spray on the plant leaves. You may even use pet repellent sprays on your plants.

How to keep away stray cats from pooing/peeing on my plants?

Are you wondering how to stop your neighbor's cat from defecating in your yard?

You can do these things to stop the neighbors' cat from entering your garden:

- Use ultrasonic noise deterrents in your garden area.

- Do fencing around your garden.

- Use citrus spray or peels of citrus fruits.

How to keep my cat within my yard?

Do you want your cat playing in your yard? Then, you must plant some cat-loving plants like Catnip, Valerian, Silver Vine, Acalypha Indica (Indian Nettle), Cat Thyme, Tartarian Honeysuckle Sawdust, etc., in your yard.

How to tell if a house plant is safe for cats?

No such technique can tell if a houseplant is safe for cats. The best thing you can do is to study the plants in your garden and choose to grow those plants that have already proven safe for cats.

Will catnip plants attract cats to my yard?

Not all cats are attracted to the catnip plant. Only 60-80% of the cat's population is attracted to catnip plants. It is related to genetics. So, to know your cat, you can plant catnip and see its behavior towards the plant.

What do I do when a cat chews on a poisonous flower?

You should immediately call your vet doctor.

How to get my cat to stop climbing my christmas tree?

You can use citrus spray or cat repellent sprays on your Christmas tree to stop your cat from climbing. 

What plants flowers can I grow inside my home that don't require too much light and are safe around cats?

Below are the plants you can grow in your home that don't require much light and are safe around cats:-

  • Ponytail Palm, Boston Fern
  • Spider plant
  • Parlor palm
  • Moth orchids
  • Burro's Tail
  • Zebra plant
  • Polka dot
  • Areca palm
  • Swedish Ivy

What are the plants to deter cats?

Here are some plants to deter cats

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary

Is the fern plant Dryopteris cordata poisonous to cats?

No toxicity is reported for ferns in terms of their relation to cats.

Are bearded lilies toxic to cats?

According to FDA, Lilies are dangerous for cats. The entire plant is toxic and can cause kidney failure, but only in felines! Losing just a leaf or flower petal to the feline's mouth could be enough to trigger an agonizing death within three days of ingestion. Though lily toxicity doesn't affect dogs--they usually have stomach problems from eating it-but it is yet to find about the compound which affects cats. Some symptoms can be vomiting, lack of appetite, and increased urination, causing dehydration.

Is a lucky bamboo plant safe for cats?

No, According to the ASPCA, Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo or ribbon plant) can be harmful to cats. Symptoms include abdominal pain, drooling, vomiting, lack of appetite, increased heartbeat, and dilated pupils.

How dangerous is the chinese evergreen plants to cats?

Chinese evergreen plants are toxic to cats and dogs, according to ASPCA. Symptoms can include vomiting, mouth and tongue swelling, excessive drooling, and difficulty swallowing meals. The toxicity to cats may differ according to the number of plants it ingests.

Can Air Purifying Plants Help in Keeping Cats Away from Other Plants?

Yes, some of the best air purifying plants like spider plants, lemon balm, and lavender can also help in keeping cats away from other plants. These plants emit scents that repel cats, making them a natural and non-toxic solution for protecting your indoor garden.

What should I spray to keep cats away from plants?

If you are looking for the best plant spray for cats on the market, it is better to use cat repellant spray consisting of cayenne pepper or Citrus, which are sage and help keep cats away from plants.


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